Dear Mr Key

I just decided to fill in one of those e-cards on the Greens website. It’s about keeping KiwiBank 100% Kiwi-owned.

Here’s a copy and I’m happy for any comments or recommendations.


Dear Mr Key,

Keeping KiwiBank and other national assets Kiwi owned is a must. As a recent citizen of NZ (4 years ago) I choose to live here because I think it is the best place in the world. By keeping our money local and our assets locally owned means for a better NZ. If that were to change, then I’d have to reconsider where I want to live. Since being here I recognise how important it is to buy kiwi-made and shop local which was never in my mind when I was in Britain. At first I thought it was almost insular but now I see how important it is so we don’t disappear within the global economy.

Also, having recently started a business – a web-based IT services company – most of my sales will be coming from other countries, bringing money into our economy and helping grow from exports. It’s very keenly the kind of company you want here. I could have quite easily set up my business in Australia or the UK so if I’m doing my bit for New Zealand, why can’t you do yours.

Keep KiwiBank and other nationally treasured entities locally owned by the NZ public!

Many thanks for your understanding.

Cheers, Andy

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Posted: 30 September 2010