Enjoying Kiva

Just thought I’d post a short entry saying how much I am enjoying microloaning on Kiva.

Chris told me about Kiva a couple of years ago and I have seen “Brenda and
Callum”:http://www.kiva.org/lender/Shiny and Bruce (all in Wgtn) on Kiva too. (“My

By the way, if you want to join up then give me a shout and I’ll invite you (I’ll need your email address). You can
just go and sign up yourself, but at the moment if I get 5 invitees and they make a successful loan each, then I’ll get
an extra $25 to be able to loan out :)

Am up to 15 loans now (Kiva Avg = 6.4) and it seems that every month I get some money back, put a little more in and
then make another loan or two.

Koha teams
* Update2: sent out one invite to a friend.
* Update3: to get the $25 I need the 5 invitees to make at least one loan each before the end of October

Tags: kiva

Posted: 18 October 2010