Good News About the EeePC

It looks like Asus are going to adhere to the GPL and fix the violations they've been accused of.

Thanks to Cliff Biffle who wrote ASUS eeePC: First impressions and GPL violations and probably many more like him, Asus are fixing up what I think was probably just an oversight. It may have been on purpose but I suspect (and hope) not.

Anyway, they're remedying their lack of providing the source code for their Xandros based OS on their EeePC. Beforehand, they had provided some source code but apparently it was incomplete.

Hopefully this means that all the Open Source people out there can hack on something that already works rather than have to do something from scratch. Of course, people will do their own things too which is the way of the world in Open Source but now they can also use the newly released Asus code as a starting point.

Oh, and the release of an SDK for developers also looks like a good thing.

It's already looking up in the EeePC world. It was good enough before but now it's even better.

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Posted: 29 November 2007