S3 Revival

After lately talking to different people about the Amazon Web Services, I have become interested in them again.

And after ages and ages wanting a place 'in the cloud' to store my files, I decided that I'm not going to wait for Google's GDrive, but instead am going to use Amazon's S3.

So, all those old photos I have dotted around are currently being uploaded. I'm using a program I wrote, s3bak, and whilst I haven't touched it much in a year, it's still working fine. It's even got some nice features. Think I'll be hacking a little on that in the next week or so.

Anyway, it'll be more important to me tomorrow when I finally get myself a new digital camera. It's not top of the range but the price/functionality is exactly what I wanted. The Canon A570 IS isn't too expensive but has some of those things I like, such as aperture and shutter priority.

I also think things like S3 are underused in some commercial senses. There's certainly one thing I'd love to use it for in work and it would save buying a lot of hardware and save a lot of hassle.

As I said to someone recently, "because it's on the same system Amazon use, if something goes wrong, they would stand to lose a lot more money than you would" - hence, the reliability of the thing is phenomenal. If it's good enough for Amazon, then it's good enough for my backups.

I also intend to use it for various web projects I have brewing too. Not to mention EC2 and the other Amazon Services.

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Posted: 06 January 2008