The Footy

Just thought I'd update you all on 'The Footy'. Still something I miss from the UK but nevermind, there are things over here in NZ which can compensate for it.

I never wrote much about the Wellington Phoenix in the A-League last season. Overall it was a good year though I think we were all very optimistic at the start of the year. In the end, I think we did well and I'm glad we weren't bottom (thanks to Perth Glory for all those lovely points). I can't wait for the new season later this year.

Since December, I've been going to watch Team Wellington play in the NZFC instead and amazingly, after coming 3rd in the league, they managed to beat Auckland City in the play-off on Saturday and we look forward to a final with Waitakere United this coming weekend.

Liverpool also started the English Premier League well and finally it looked like the years of hurt would be over but no, we had a mid-season slump like we usually do and then you're out of the race. Since then we've been playing fantastic football (which proves we can do it) and have also had another great run in the Champions League.

Finally, my own endeavours. As usual, I'm still playing in the WIS Wednesday evening League 2 with 'Old Ladies from Picton' and am now also playing with 'Beerpots' in the Monday evening League 2. We also had a go at the outdoor competition earlier on in the year but got knocked out in the quarters. So overall, I'm enjoying it immensely with the main problem being my shooting - I get in the right positions but I need more accuracy.

Anyway, I'm just glad the footy and my involvment in it has gotten bigger this year - I so miss watching Football Focus and MoTD on Saturdays but at least there are some substitute footballing antics which help me along.

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Posted: 16 April 2008