Why I Bought My Sansa e270

I didn't want an iPod, that's why.

For a while I waited since I wanted to get one of the new Sandisk Sansa e270's, but still it didn't seem to come out and it was a bit pricey. I held out since they looked so much better than the iPod Nanos.

But now it seems that they went a bit far and from this article on Engadget I found that they had created a site called iDont.com. Personally, I chose to go against iPod for my own reasons though I don't think they should say it themselves since, as the Engadget article says, it smacks of being a poor loser - not that they are, since I think eventually they will catch up on Apple (though probably never take over).

As for the site, I don't have Flash installed so basically my opinion of it is fairly low. And who thinks the little monster thing looks like the Telecom mascot (sorry, can't find the picture I want).

Added to the fact that they wrote it in PHP...need I say more.

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Posted: 26 September 2006