A Brave Mozilla World

Mozilla is my new workthing. But what does Mozilla mean?

These are some of the phrases found on the front page of the main Mozilla site. However, Mozilla is much more than just phrases. Some people say What They Love About Mozilla. Others say it's Awesome to work for us and others still say that Mozilla is their Dinosaur!

So it's a lot of things to a lot of people. But what is Mozilla really? If we were to boil it down to one thing, what would we end up with.

In my mind, it's a community.

This isn't an original thought since it's an idea that people involved with Mozilla have been saying since the very start 15 years ago so it's no wonder we all think of it this way.

So why does it make a difference that it's a community rather than just a browser, a technology or an ideal? Because people matter. It's the people that make a community, not a commit or two, or an email to a mailing list or some messages on IRC. It's the people behind these actions, the people who use them and the people who believe in them.

And I think all of this makes me unreasonably happy to be working for an employer who also thinks this. In fact, Mozilla lives and breathes it. And I do too.

(This article was originally published on chilts.org).

Posted: 16 October 2013